3 Steps to a Finished Product


We work with select clients on their co-packaging projects and are available to assist in all aspects of creating one-of-a-kind products for the marketplace. Available services include recipe and product development, batch-process development, production, lab analysis, nutritional analysis and organic product certification services through California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).


We meet with you to ensure that our services -- including production capabilities, quantities and potential products are a match for your goals and needs. We will talk about labels and labeling requirements, jars and containers, state inspections and organic label possibilities. Together, we sign some initial paperwork - including a non-disclosure agreement — review the contract and talk about timelines. We invite you to come visit our production kitchen, anytime.


After you have paid a development fee, we get to work on your recipe. If you send us your own recipe, we’ll carefully review it and suggest any necessary changes. We can also develop recipes for you. It may take 2-3 weeks to craft the best recipe for your product. Once we have a final recipe and have completed a representative test batch, we will provide you with a production quote.


Once you have approved the test run and we have agreed on the price to produce your product, your production run will be put on our calendar. This can take 2-4 weeks. We will also need your approved labels at this time. We ask for 50% of the cost of the run before we begin production and the balance is due when the run is complete. Clients often ask to be present for the first production run and we're happy to have them join us.


Private label is the fastest and easiest way to bring a product to market with your own name on the label. We offer many exceptional products that begin with the finest produce provided by our local farmers. It’s simple. We put your label on any number of our in-house products. Any retailer, restaurant, hotel, winery or corporation is able to feature local, sustainable products with their brand image without the start-up expenses involved in co-packing.