Our Services


If you have a recipe that you would like us to batch up for you, this is the way to go. Please note, the product we can achieve in larger batches may not be exactly the same as the one you've been making by the pot in your current kitchen, but with that said we can work together to land on a cost-effective and delicious product for market.

The Products We Specialize In:

-Tomato Based Sauces & Salsas
- Crushed Tomatoes
- Chutneys
- Jams & Preserves
- Wine Jellies
- Spreads
- Hummus
- Salad Dressings
- Hot Sauces
- Syrups
- Marinades
- Barbecue Sauces 
- Shrubs
- Fruit Infused Drinking Vinegars
- And More!